Bare Root Fruits, Nuts and Landscape Trees

Bare-Root Trees Are Now In Stock

Sweetland Garden Supply has just received our bare root tree order from L.E. Cooke Company and the Felix Gillet Institute. They won’t last long!

About L.E. Cooke’s Bare-Root Trees

Based in Visalia, L.E. Cooke are growers an distributors of quality fruit, shade, flowering and dwarf trees, shrubs, berries, and grape vines. They offer “EZ PICK” varieties of many popular fruit trees. EZ-PICK fruit trees have been started in the nursery with a very low branching structure giving you a jump start at maintaining a tree to a size that is convenient for you. There is another benefit to smaller trees – they give you room for multiple varieties of your favorite tasting fruits. More on L.E. Cooke can be found at

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