April Classes & Specials

April Sales

20% off all bulbs, tubers, garlic, potatoes, onions, asparagus, horseradish.

Netherland Bulb Company bulb flower display

Dig Drop Zone, Netherland Bulb Company sends us beautifully packaged, with fantastic descriptions and directions, bulbs and tubers. Add color to your yard with Dahlias, Lillies, Begonias, Peonies, gladiolus, freesias and more. Grow Asparagus, horseradish, onions, potatoes and garlic.

20% off new True Organics

This newish, company packages stinky things together to create an amazingly rich, perfectly blended amendment to add to your soil. Choose from Preplant Starter, Perennial, Azalea, Citrus, Vegie or Lawn Food.

20% off Garden Tools

20% Gardening tools Brands: Trouper, Fiskar, Corona, Red Rooster shovels, rakes and hoes, hand trowels, hori hori knife, cultivators—ready for you to use.


Choose from Sierra Gold Nurseries or Dave Wilson trees. Whatever variety is left, may include Apples, Pears, Persimmons, Berries, Apricots, Almonds, Plums, Peaches or Cherries


Classes in April

Chainsaw Primer with Mud and Pearls

April 13th, from 1-4 pm

In Partnership with Mud and Pearls, join Amber Cone in a Chainsaw Primer class at Sweetland Garden Mercantile. Learn how to use and maintain a chainsaw. Amber is an experienced Teacher and operator of landscape equipment. She has taught Safety and Technique for many years, manages landscape crews (and their equipment!) and empowers all to use tools safely. Bring your own tool or feel free to try one of Mud and Pearls. Dress appropriately and don’t arrive on a empty stomach. Bring water to drink. No experience required.

Class costs $60-95 on a sliding scale, a $50 deposit is needed to hold place and a minimum of five people are needed to hold class.

Sign up here online or by coming into Sweetland, or by contacting Hilary through Mud and Pearls Facebook page.

Chainsaw Primer flyer

Targeted Soil Analysis with Daniel Fink of Vital Garden Supply

April 27, starting at 11 am

Sweetland Garden Mercantile looks forward to a series of three classes with Daniel Fink, from Down Om Farms. Daniel is an Organic Cultivation Specialist at Vital Garden Supply in Nevada City. He is a local farm advisor, part of Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and a speaker at Growing Green on the Yuba with the South Yuba River Citizens’s League. He specializes in Organics advising, using biology in gardening as routine practice, and Regenerative Farming. Daniel is experienced in soil analysis, fertigation, and composting.
Classes will focus on targeted fertility management plans, based on soil and tissue samples as plants go through growing phases. Daniel will walk you through all phases of your plant’s needs from beginning to the end. You can expect Daniel to pepper discussion with farm practices that promote healthy and marketable product. You can sign up for one class or for all. This class is focused on Cannabis growers, but all farmers would benefit. Here are how the classes will work.

Three weeks before the first class, April 27th, participants will need to turn in a soil sample to be tested for nutrient values .(Participants can also turn in a sample for biological analysis. Daniel will discuss this cost individually) At the first class, Daniel will show you how to read a soil analysis and help you develop a (preseason) amendment plan. Soil Sample directions area available at Sweetland.

Three weeks before the second class, June 1, participants will turn in a tissue sample for analysis. The class will focus on targeted fertility management at this stage.

The Third class will be held August 10th and participants will do the same as class 2

Soil Analysis cost $99, per test. The class costs $40 to attend. Biological Tests are separate and prices are to be determined. A minimum of six participants are needed to hold class and deposits are required. You can sign up at Sweetland, by calling 530-292-9000, or online at sweetlandgm.com/signup.