April Sales and Store News

See what’s new at Sweetland during the month of April!

VeriFire Bulk Soil Special

The VermiFire sale has been extended to April 27! Buy 45 yards in bulk, get 5 yards free. Latest delivery for this promo is May 5, so order NOW to secure delivery in time for spring planting.

April Store Sales

Bare root fruit trees, buy 3 get one free
1.5 cubic foot bags of VermiSoil and VermiFire are 20% off
Large Smart Pots (100 gallon or larger) are 20% off
Hormex rooting powder is 25% off
All Earth Juice Liquids are 20% off
All bagged Sungro soil products (Black Gold natural and organic 1.5 c.f bags, Waterhold 2 c.f. bags, Just Coir 2 c.f. bags, Sunshine Advanced #4 3 c.f. bags, Black Gold seedling mix 1.5 c.f. bags, Black Gold Compost 1 c.f bags). All products are certified organic, OMRI listed. 20% off!

Sale prices and specials are valid for in-stock items only during the month of April.

New Items in Stock

FoxFarm‘s very popular Ocean Forest Potting Soil, Happy Frog Potting Soil, and Salamander Soil blends are now available in 2 yard totes!

New Stanley hand tools, drill bits, Dewalt power tools, more weed trimmer line, staples, nails, screws, a wider range of PVC products, flat hoses, extension cords, marking paint, seed potatoes, Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicide, B.T. and Horticultural Oil, etc. are now in stock. Tell your friends and neighbors!

Store News

Herb and veggie starts are now in stock for spring planting. Please come in to see our selection.

We are FULLY stocked for all your gardening needs and strive to be a mercantile for all your home project needs too, hence our expanded line of hand tools and those little items needed in a pinch that you don’t want to run to town for, such as drill bits and staples. Come in to see what’s new!

We also carry greenhouse covers, Tufflite clear greenhouse film and are also regularly ordering Polywoven to fit any size greenhouse. We also stock blackout film!

Our big GRAND OPENING event is happening April 20th, from 12 noon to 4:20. Twenty-plus vendors will be on hand along with free sample products, additional sale items and refreshments. Stay tuned for more details!

Two soil amendment classes are scheduled for April: one on Saturday, April 14 from 12 noon til 2pm, and another on April 28, from 12 noon til 2pm. This class will teach you how to amend and optimize soil for maximum health. We’ll discuss amendments, microbes, tilth, and compost. Class cost is $25, RSVP is required: (530) 292-9000. Don’t miss it!

July Sales and News

20% off EGO Power+ tools, Oven Bags, Earth Science wildflower seeds AND even more discounts on July 5 & 6 during our Independence Celebration Sale! Fresh compost tea is also now available!