April Specials

Earth Juice Products 20% Off

Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc, strives to create products that feed the soil, enrich plant health, provide needed nutrients and add to the biological presence of microbe life.

Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Pro Grow and Bloom nutrients in 5 pound bags

Rainbow Mix Pro Grow and Bloom are non burning, no salt, easy to use fertilizers that are added to the soil at soil building and throughout the life cycle of a plant. They are derived from feather meal, rock phosphate, bone meal, langbeinite, sulfate of potash, cottonseed meal, greensand and kelp. Both the grow and bloom contain appropriate spores of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria-meant to improve plant health and nutrient uptake. The NPK of the grow is 8-6-3, the Bloom is 2-14-3

Earth Juice Liquid Nutrients

Earth has a full range of grow, bloom, minerals and sugars to add to any nutrient program.

Customers love Earth Juice Grow. This gentle formula (2-1-0) is made of blood meal, bone meal, kelp and molasses. It can be used in both the vegetative and bloom time of any plant. House plants love it.

Earth Juice has created two Calcium products to chose from. Both products increase usable calcium for plants and help stop end rot in tomatoes and peppers, build strong stalks and provided needed magnesium. Both are designed with nutrient uptake in mind.

Cal n Mag, 3-0-0, has a little bit of nitrogen and soluble calcium and magnesium for quick nutrient uptake.

Oily Cann has NO nitrogen and has a slower release of calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate. Humic acid was added for a biological nutrient exchange.

Check out Hi Brix, Earth Juices Elemental Grow and Bloom, Microblast, Meta K, and natural PH adjusting products.

E.B. Stone Sure Start 20% Off

E.B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer in 4 pound bag

E.B. Stone has really stepped up for this product. Made of Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken Manure, Bat Guano, Alfafa Meal, Kelp Meal, Humic Acid and Potassium Sulfate, it has nearly everything you need for soil fertility. E.B. Stone went a step further and added beneficial microbes, including spores for Trichoderma and rods of Streptomyces. Trichoderma fungi specifically works toward reducing wilt issues. Streptomyces increases plant health and fights mildew and wilt. Sure Start contains Glomus intradices, a mycorrhizal fungi that specifically is used for cannabis growing. You will also find other beneficial microbes that help plants obtain nutrients, increase roots, and stay healthy. Its NPK rating is 4-6-2. Sure Start can be used for bare root trees, flower beds, vegetables, ground covers, seedlings, container planting and more. Sweetland has various sizes in stock.

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May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!