August Specials

Save on Select Nutrients During August

Buy Vermicrop dry fertilizers on sale

It’s time to get blooming!

Save 20% on all Vermicrop Dry Fertilizers

All Vermicrop products are designed with ultimate finished product in mind.

  • Vermi All (6-6-6) An all-purpose fertilizer that can be used year-round.
  • Vermi Bloom (3-10-5) A high-phosphorous product ideal for bloom time.
  • Vermi PK Boost (1-13-14) Specially formulated to bulk-up and densify flowers.
  • Vermi Grow (7-4-4) A general-purpose nutrient used for plants in their vegetative phase.
  • Vermi Bird (0-11-0) Seabird Guano nutrients optimal for the blooming phase of plant life.

20% Off Roots Organics Liquid Nutrients

Buy Roots Organics liquid nutrients on sale

  • Surge A fish hydrolosate with added kelp, humic acid & Langbenite.
  • Buddha Bloom A bat guano supplement with worm castings, yucca, molasses, kelp, and soy protein hydrolosate.
  • Trinity Catalyst A sugar supplement containing molasses, Yucca, kelp, and soy protein.
  • HP2 A liquid bat guano containing organic phosphorus, ideal for use during flowering and fruiting.

NEW! Solar Panels

Sweetland Garden Mercantile now carries affordable, refurbished 55 watt solar panels from Solar Cowboyz for $48 each. Come and get ’em!

Solar Water Pumping Kits

We also have complete solar pump kits that allow you to pump water without using grid power from PG&E!

July Sales and News

20% off EGO Power+ tools, Oven Bags, Earth Science wildflower seeds AND even more discounts on July 5 & 6 during our Independence Celebration Sale! Fresh compost tea is also now available!