August Specials

August Soil Specials

All soil is STILL on sale. All are a hell of a deal. My loss is the customer’s gain. But I would rather the inventory deals go to the customer than the IRS. We literally are sitting on 14 pallets of VermiFire! Normally it is $16 per bag…

Bagged garden soil

All soils are between 20-30% off. Here is a sampling:

VermiFire $10 per bag
Happy Frog $11
Mendo Mix $10
Koko Bop $20
Pro Moss (peat moss, 3.8 cf) $21
Pro Mix HP, (3.8 cf) $35

FoxFarm liquid nutrients

30% Off In August…

Rainbow Pro Grow, 40#, 20# and 5# bags

8-6-3, An all purpose, with added beneficial microbes, by Earth Juice


All Foxfarm liquids ie, Microbe brew, kelp me, kelp you, cal mag, etc


Gilmour, Superduty, flexogen hoses, 5/8 x 50


Fall seeds from Seed Savers Exchange are in.

Fall grass seeds are in.

… And Much More!

Lots of other clearance deals in store, too many to list. Things like Bio thrive, are half off, greenhouse covers, 30% any size or color.

All sales limited to in-stock items only.

March Specials

This March, take 20% off all Down to Earth Fertilizers including Crab Meal, Shrimp Meal, Fruit Tree, Bio-Live, Bio-Fish, Langbeinite, Agmino, Fish Powder.