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Big Fall Inventory Sale

September 24th through October 31st While Inventory Lasts. Help us clear out stock and take advantage of great deals… Too many items to list!!! Here are just a few: Trim Supplies 20% OFF Trim Machines 5% OFF Dry Amendments and Liquids 20-25% OFF Grow Pots 20-30% OFF Soils 10-40% OFF Nursery Plants 50% OFF and much, much more… Stop in today and SAVE BIG! Our Fall Hours are Monday – Saturday 9am to 5pm, Closed on Sunday.

tomato horn worm pest control

Controlling Pests Naturally

Most of us plant our gardens outside, right? There are bugs, rodents and fungi out there, so it is inevitable that we might see some aphids, mites, beetles, powdery mildew, botrytis, or rodent damage. How can we create a garden that has fewer problems?

Prevent Problems. Start early. Biological measures can drastically improve your chances of resisting pests and diseases and reduce a need later for adding pesticides or fungicides. There are many ways we can do this.

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how to feed your soil

Soil Fertility and Plant Health

It is that time of year. You are probably asking yourself, what do I add to my soil to improve it. If you feed your soil, your soil will feed your plants.

Fertile soil is one rich in good organic matter, humus, and a large and diverse population of microbiology. It has air pockets, the ability to hold water, the ability to drain water, and a good earthy smell. It also includes organic sources of macro and micronutrients. Healthy, well fed soil, will contain lots of nutrients for Microbes. The microbes will feed your plants.

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A Gardener’s Guide to Soil Amendments

How can we build a soil that will feed our plants? The goal in building soil is to create soil that is nutrient rich and is biologically active. We have learned, through the actions of Big Ag, that adding quick acting chemical fertilizers actually decreases the health of plants and the nutrient value of our foods (in addition to damaging aquatic life, birds and beneficial insect populations.) In gardening, less is actually more. If we add what plants need into the soil and make sure our soil is chock-full of a healthy microorganisms, then we actually will gain more.

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