April Specials

Spring Is In the Air! Enjoy the following specials during the month of April and get your garden blooming! 15% OFF All In-Stock Vermicrop Organics Products VermiAll (6-6-6) This dry amendment, formulated for all stages of growth, recharges old soil with good stuff. Ingredients include Crustacean, Kelp, blood, Fishbone, Feather and Alfalfa meals, with added minerals and phosphorus. CDFA registered for organic growing. VermiVeg (7-4-4) is formulated for adding to plants during Grow time. Designed to help plants uptake nutrients and includes bat guano, blood meal, feather meal, kelp meal basalt, magnesium sulfate, Rock Phosphate and Potassium sulfate. CDFA registered for organic growing. VermiBloom (3-10-5) is formulated fo all types of plants during Fruit and Flower stage. It triggers prolific blooming and ripening. The blend of fishbone meal, seabird and bat guano, alfalfa meal, and minerals is also registered CDFA for organic growing. PK Boost (1-13-6) this excellent addition during …

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March Into Spring Sales

Plan Ahead for Spring Planting and Save! Ocean Forest Pallet Sale This Foxfarm product is a complete and ready-to-go amended product. Additional fertilization is not needed the first few weeks. Ocean Forest contains aged forest compost, sandy loam, peat moss, perlite, earth worm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal. 3.2 Cubic Yards/62 bags in a pallet. Now just $610 per pallet! VermiSoil Pallet Sale VermiSoil 1.5 Cubic foot bags are ready to go, light and fluffy and easy to use. VermiSoil contains quality test thermophilic compost, vermi worm castings, peat, coir fiber, oyster shell, greensand, feather meal, blood meal, bone meal, bat guano and several strains of mycorrhizae. CDFA, organic input materials used. A Vermicrop Organics product. 3 Cubic Yards/55 bags in a pallet. Also just $610 per pallet! Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 Pallet Sale This SunGro formula, written up in High Times, was created for hydroponic …

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Late Winter Specials

Don’t Let a Little Rain Keep You From These Specials! Ocean Forest Pallet Sale Buy a pallet of FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, SAVE $40! There are 62 bags per pallet. Call us at (530) 292-9000 for full details. L.E. Cooke Bareroots 15% off L.E. Cooke bareroot nursery stock: Patriot Blueberry, O’Neal Blueberry, Chandler Blueberry, Fall Gold Raspberry, U.C. 72 Asparagus, Flame Seedless Grape. Get ’em before they’re all sold out! These sale prices are good until March 15, 2017.

Bare-Root Trees and January Specials

Happy New Year! Bare-root Fruit and Nut Trees Have Arrived! The bare-root fruit and nut trees from our very own local non-profit group the Felix Gillet Institute are here. These are heritage trees that are made with scions collected regionally from old heritage trees. We also have bare-root trees from LE Cooke, including dwarf varieties! A wide variety of locally-adaptable apples, pears, cherries, walnuts, chestnuts, plums, and peaches, are now available but stock is limited, so come in soon to get the best choices. New Cold-season Starts Asparagus, blue berries and strawberry starts are in as well. We also have garlic bulbs from Territorial Seeds. Territorial Seed Company prides themselves on organic, non-GMO and biodynamic seeds. Get them before they are gone! VermiFire Special Hands-down one of the best soils on the market, VermiFire is a locally-made, highly-amended soil with a base of coir, redwood peat, compost, worm castings and …

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The Bare-roots are Coming, The Bare-roots are Coming!

Bare-root fruit and nut trees and berries by L.E. Cooke Company and the Felix Gillet Institute (from right here on the San Juan Ridge!) will be arriving the first week of January. Supply is limited, so for the very best variety selection, be sure to come in as soon as they arrive! L.E. Cooke Here is a list of the L.E. Cooke varieties that we’ll have available. Descriptions available at www.lecooke.com Apples Fuji Granny Smith Jonagold Mutsu Cherries Bada Bing Black Tartarian Rainer Pears Fan-Cris Shinseiki Comice Berries Fall Gold Raspberry Jubilee Blueberry O’Neal Blueberry Patriot Blueberry Sequoia Strawberry Others Mulberry Flavortop Nectarine Autumn Rose Plum Fuyu Persimmon Black Mission Fig Felix Gillet Institute The Felix Gillet Institute offers rare and unique heirloom fruit and nut varieties as originally bred by Felix Gillet in Nevada City back in the late 1800’s. These varieties are well-adapted to the the Sierra Nevada …

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Year End Clearance

Year-End Inventory Clearance

Sweetland Garden Mercantile’s end of the year inventory clearance sale starts December 1st and runs until the 17th. Hurry on in! To make room for new inventory we are discounting all *in stock* items 10%-75%!!! EVERYTHING is on sale, in some way. Here are some examples of the incredible discounts… Dry amendments – 20% OFF! Boutique buckets of dry amendments – 25% OFF! Liquid nutrients – 25% OFF! All PH merchandise – 25% OFF! Soil bags – 20% OFF! Greenhouse covers (including ‘black-outs’) – 20% OFF! Smart pots – 20% OFF! Bamboo, twist tie – 30% OFF! Nursery Plants – 50% OFF! Harvest products – 20% OFF! Trim machines – 10% OFF! Grow light bulbs, reflectors, and ballasts – 30% OFF! And more… Scoop up these deals while they last! Closed for the Holidays Sweetland Garden Mercantile will be closed for the holidays, December 18 – January 1. Plan ahead! …

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