Building Bigger and Better

Excuse Our Dust!

In case you haven’t stopped by in awhile, you’ll be happy to hear that Sweetland Garden Mercantile is growing!

We got our permit on 7-11-2017 to rebuild and redesign our store.

It took over a year since the drawings were submitted to get our building permit, and I am so relieved to finally have it. Once we got it, we immediately started moving and shaking and digging!

Construction at SGM
Construction work at SGM

The old store has mostly been demolished and a foundation has been laid for the new store! Every day there are lots of folks out there working on it.

Hopefully we will be moving in by January.

We’re Still Open for Business

In the meantime, we have moved our store into the back yard into containers. All products are organized! Our office and cash register is in a temporary mobile unit. We are actually fully stocked! We have our bloom products and harvest supplies ready to go, as well as products ready for those starting again.

The new store will still be a garden store, but we hope to include more mercantile-type stuff: camping gear, nails and screws, more PVC pipe & fittings, fishing gear, locally made products like honey and knives, as well as a selection of additional landscaping products.

Now is a great time to come by and see what is happening!