February Specials

20% Off This Month…

Weeks’ Roses

This February, take 20% off Weeks Roses. We have a variety of fragrant, colorful, tea, climbers, and bush roses to chose from.

Stop on by to see the gorgeous colorful selection we have in stock and then turn your garden into a fragrant floral wonderland!

Bare Root Fruit Trees

This month, you can also take 20% off our in-stock selection of bare root fruit trees from Dave Wilson and Sierra Gold nurseries!

Dave Wilson berries, grapes, figs, and wisteria will also be arriving this month.

Dave Wilson Nursery logo
Sierra Gold Nursery logo

Select Nutes

Also in February, take 20% off 12# Doctor Earth Tomato Vegetable Herb Fertilizer, and take 20% off Foxfarm liquid nutrients!

Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer

New Products

This month, we’ll be offering a new product line called True Organics, a dry fertilizer for home use.

And more parts!

In addition, we now have so much more in the way of home repair… like sharkbite fittings, toilet repair parts, painting supplies (but not the paint — no room!), and electrical repair parts (circuit breakers, tape, wire connectors). So now there’s even fewer reasons to make a special trip to town for your emergency repair needs!

You gotta come on in to see and believe it!

Also, due in February, are garlic, potatoes, and onions and NEW FLOWER BULBS.

Upcoming Classes

Don’t miss the educational classes we have coming up…

February 24: Join Daniel Nicholson, naturalist and experienced horticulturalist for a ‘Fruit Tree Management‘ class. Daniel will discuss orchard site selection, planting techniques, pests and diseases, orchard care, pruning and more at a North San Juan site. See more details…

March 30: Join Mud & Pearls and Amber Cone for a ‘Chainsaw Primer‘ class. Learn the basics of safety, maintenance and technique.

April 27: Join Daniel Fink, cultivation specialist and organic farm advisor of Down Om Farm and Vital Garden, for a ‘Soil Analysis‘ discussion. Turn in your soil, 3 weeks ahead of time and work with Daniel to get recommendations for pre season amending and a targeted fertility management plan. Two successive classes will follow for tissue analysis and further exploration of fertilizer management, and biology.

To sign up for a class, visit sweetlandgm.com/signup (preferred method) or call (530) 292-9000.

June Specials

Take 20% off soil amendments, Happy Frog, Coolaroo shade cloth, and more during the month of June.