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Sweetland Garden Mercantile offers everything you need for a healthy, productive, organic garden & home.

bagged & bulk soil

Soils, Compost & Seedling Mixes

SGM provides organic bagged soils by: FoxFarm · E.B. Stone · Vermicrop Organics · Royal Gold · Stutzman · Black Gold · Greenall · Aurora Innovations – Roots Organics

Soil Amendments

Feed your soil, feed your plants. Sweetland carries a wide range of amendments meant to enrich soils and provide needed nutrients for plants. Single source amendments include: Cal Phos · Feather, Alfalfa, Blood, Bone & Kelp Meal · Dicalcium phosphate · Gypsum · Magnesium sulfate · Humic acid · Langbeinite · Dolomite, Ag lime, Oyster shell · Glacial rock dust · Bat & Seabird guanos. Plus mixed amendments by Mr. B’s Greentrees, EB Stone, Dr. Earth and Down to Earth.

soil amendments
General Organics nutrients

Plant Nutrients

A quick and easy way to feed plants and increase the health of your soil is to use liquid and powder nutrients. Some that include beneficial microbes. Our brands include: Earth Juice · Age Old · Vital Garden · Organics Alive · Botanicare · Growth Science · Peruvian Gold · Foxfarm · Technaflora · Sparetime · CES · Pura Vida · Superthrive


Feed your soul and your body with flowers, vegies, and fruits. SGM carries Bareroot fruit trees provided by Dave Wilson and sometimes Felix Gillet. Fruit trees are selected for being successful in the foothill region of the Sierras. Bare root roses by Weeks Nursery. Perennial, ornamental and annual plants by Western Tree Nursery, Green Acres at Eisely’s, Fresh Starts, and other small local growers. Vegetable starts by Grizzly Hill Farms, Fresh starts, Irish Seed company, Honey Circle Farms, and You Bet Farms.

dwarf blue curly kale starts
Seeds by Seed Savers Exchange


Sweetland’s selection of organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds come from: Territorial Seed company of Oregon and Seed Saver’s exchange.


SGM wants to meet your watering needs. Be it watering your garden, PVC repair,spraying fertilizers, or pumping water you can find a broad selection of irrigation supplies, hose menders, watering wands,hoses, fittings at SGM. Supplies by: Gilmour · Flexzilla · Dramm · Harris · Chapin · Mondi · Active Air · and more.

hoses and hose sprayers
Smart Pots

Growing & Propagation Supplies

We have what you need to start and grow plants. From seed starting or cloning, we have Grodan, Oasic cubes, Root Riot, Accelerator, Seed starter mediums and more. We carry Smart Pots, plastic pots, trays, domes, and grow bags. We supply rooting hormone, heat mats, and EZ clone materials.

Hydroponic Support

Sweetland can assist with lighting, pH and climate control. We are an authorized Bluelab dealer and provide pens and meters, as well as calibration solutions and pH adjusters. We also provide limited lighting for indoor and can order what you need for a full scale indoor grow.

SunBlaster LED Grow Lights
Green Scissor floral shears

Harvest Supplies

For gardeners and for Cannabis producers, SGM stocks Chikamasa, Fiskar, Hydrofarm, and Saboten snips and pruners. We carry Shield and Seal and Symbys Vacuum sealer bags, Green Scissor Oven bags and other items you might need for harvest, and storage.


We carry a wide variety of tools for homeowner needs. Gardeners can find shovels, hoes, pruners. Landscapers and folks doing fire clearance can find Ego chainsaws, weed trimmers, pole saws, bar & chain oil, chain saw files, axes and mauls. Home repair folk can find saws, saw blades, hammers, levels and staple guns. SGM is tool rich! Find products by Fiskar, Corona, True Temper, Ames, Stanley, Irwin, Dewalt, and Red Rooster. Sweetland is an authorized EGO dealer.

Power tools by DeWalt
Shield N Seal Vacuum Seal Bags

Recreation, Food & Gifts

Need a river raft, a cooler, charcoal, or pellets for your grill? Need propane parts for your tent heater? Or maybe you need a fishing lure. Are you canning or preserving food? Do you want to find a locally made gift or a garden statue? Check out Sweetland. We have a lot more than just garden supplies!

Your Local Hardware and Mercantile

There is such a long list of everything at Sweetland.
Screws, nuts and bolts, electrical connections, ropes, staples, files, drill bits and so much more.
Check out our selection before you go to town!

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May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!