Fresh Compost Tea by Sweetland Garden Supply

Feed Your Plants and Soil the Right Way

Our custom-made compost tea is an aerated microbial solution full of beneficial bacteria and fungi that your plants and soil will LOVE. The organisms in the tea are derived from quality organic compost, dark rich humus, and worm castings. We combine these ingredients with food to feed the microorganisms and then aerate it well to make this amazing life-enhancing plant elixir that boosts plant health and productivity!

Our high-quality, vitality-boosting compost tea is available from May to September.

fresh compost tea by sweetland garden supply

How Does Compost Tea Work?

Bacteria, fungi, nematodes, countless microorganisms and your plants create a symbiotic relationship with one another. Plants exude proteins and sugars which attract the right microbes for whatever the plant needs at that moment. The microorganisms consume those exudates and then release nutrients that are directly usable for your plants. These many miraculous microscopic microorganisms actually FEED your plants!

How Does Compost Tea Help?

Compost tea has many benefits:

  • Increases soil and foliar surface biology
  • Enhances a plant’s immune system systemically
  • Provides nutrients in a usable form
  • Regulates pH
  • Builds humid acid
  • Attacks and kill pathogens
  • Prevents pathogenic diseases
  • Builds resistance to insect attacks

Get Your Tea Today!

Our compost tea is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings. To buy tea you must bring your own buckets (we do sell them as well). You can buy our compost tea by the gallon or in any quantity you like. We also have a Tea Pre-buy Program which significantly lowers the price of your tea and helps us plan how much to make.

Sweetland Garden Supplies also offers compost tea classes in the spring so that you can learn to make your own. Like our Facebook page to get details on all upcoming classes.

Please call us at (530) 292-9000 for details.

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