January Specials

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Keeping yourself warm with firewood, working to keep your property fire safe, and clipping back those long overgrown fruit tree limbs, requires tools. Sweetland carries those tools. At SGM you can find all manner of landscape tools in a variety of brands. This month enjoy 15% off on Axes, Mauls, Pole Saws, and Long Pruners. All sales limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.

Truper axe

Red Rooster – From John Mahaney hardware, now called AllStates AG, a supplier of many farm products and tools, We carry single 3.5# axes and 8# mauls, suitable for chopping and kindling.

Fiskars carries a lifetime warranty. In stock this month are splitting axes and hatchets. Sharp, sleek, and strong, You can’t go wrong with these tools.

Seymour/Truper, these tools offer Hickory handles and 3.5 Single and Double bit axes. In stock are also 5# Iron wedges.

Corona – One great pole saw by Corona can extend out 12” and saw through an 8” branch. Corona, also is a leader in pruners that can cut large branches or pick off limbs above your head.

What’s New?

The Classes Are Coming!

Sweetland will be hosting classes again in 2024. On our agenda this winter and spring, we have a fruit tree pruning class in January with Daniel Fink, Soil testing and analysis, a 3 part class, staring in March, Safe soil amending and improving biology, by Dar in April, and improving water retention, by Permaculturists, Anniema Luna Roja in May. We are looking into chainsaw use and fire clearing classes as well. Details will be released soon.

Bare Roots

Weeks Roses' Rio Samba

The first two weeks of January are exciting as we bring in new inventory. Starting off the year are Weeks brand roses, a variety of tea, hybrid, shrub, floribunda, with a diverse range of color and fragrance. Personally, I can’t wait!

Next in are Sierra Gold Nursery bare root fruit trees. Well, kind of bare root. Technically, this bare roots got a head start in a retail packaging that keeps roots moist and happy. Sierra Gold is located in Yuba City, and offers affordable trees on root stock, meant for a range of locations successful in Northern California. Call for a list of available trees.

Dave Wilson blackberry bush 'Babycakes'

In February we expect Berries, Persimmons, Grapes, Wisteria, Lilacs and more from Dave Wilson Nursery, a large supplier of healthy, well established trees and plants.

Next in are Irish Seed Company potatoes, Garlic, asparagus and Onions.

Look forward to a more diverse line to our hardware and home repair inventory, as we strive to keep you from driving to town.

May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!