July Specials

June’s Specials continue through July PLUS we’ve added steep discounts to select pallets of soil.

Don’t miss out, grab these deals before they’re gone!

Please Note: We will be closed for Independence Day on Monday, July 4th.

Vermifire Pallets Only $600!

VermiFire soil

Normally, an entire pallet of Vermifire retails for $780!

Vermifire has double the nutrients. It is safe to plant mature plants in or use to amend old soils, adding a nutrient charge and some water holding capabilites. It contains worm castings, humus, mendo peat, coir, castings, volcanic cinders, perlite, Alfalfa meal, Blood meal, Kelp meal, Feather meal, sulfate of potash and greensand.

Each pallet contains 55 1.5 cubic foot bags. 


Happy Frog Pallets Just $550!

Happy Frog Potting Soil

Pallets of Happy Frog normally sell for $650. Now, they’re $100 off!

Happy Frog contains compost, worm castings, humus, humic acid, perlite, peat moss, mycorrizhal fungi and humic acid.

Each pallet contains 49 2 cubic foot bags. 


NoFly WP 25% off

NoFly WP is a high concentration of the active ingredient Isaria fumosorosea strain FE 9901, a naturally occurring insecticidal microorganism. This aggressive fungus is a natural predator to select insect pests while non-pathogenic to beneficials. NoFly WP is also compatible with many chemicals making it an excellent tool for use in an Integrated Pest Management program.

NoFly WP works on the eggs of many insects including, whiteflies, thrips, aphids, mealybugs, mites, spider mites, russet mites, leaf hopper, weevils, psyllids, and fungus gnats. Apply at first symptom of pest attack. Minimum 3 applications at 5-7 day intervals or shorter in severe infestations.


Annihilation Price Drop!


Annihilation by Epoch Scientific, has lowered their prices. 125 ml was $34, now $24. 625ml was $140, now $98. This FIFRA, 25(b) exempt pest control smells great. It is a naturally-derived pesticide and fungicide that is gentle on your plants and can be used up to the day of harvest. Annihilation is a botanical blend of oils that effectively eliminates everything from Aphids, broad mites, russet mite, caterpillars, root aphids and other pests that attack your garden. 

It is gentle enough to use on young plants and clones. 


20% Off Vital Soil Builder

Vital Soil Builder

20% off, was $42, now $33.60!

Created locally, this inexpensive soil amendment re-amends your old and existing soil. 

Vital Soil Builder is a biochar, blended amendment with macro and micronutrients that feed both your soil and your plants.This blend encourages microorganisms to thrive, stores nutrients and makes minerals available to your plants.  It contains compost, worm castings, seabird guano, and glacial rock dust. A 1.5 Cubic foot bag will amend 2 yards of soil. This a great way to feed your soil on a budget.


Select Dry Amendments 20% Off

Select, in stock Dry Amendments, 50# sacks are 20% off. This includes the basics:

  • feather meal
  • blood meal
  • alfalfa meal
  • nitrogen bat guano
  • greensand
  • glacial rock dust
  • lime
  • dicalcium phosphate (DICAL)

Pallet Soil Price Reduction!

Prices have been reduced on many select, in stock, pallets of soil. Sale is for entire pallet only. Sales lasts until pallets are gone only. Call us for details. 

Some pallets include:

  • 420 Blend by EB Stone
  • Mother Earth Coco Peat, Vermisoil, and Vermifire by Hawthorne Gardening Company
  • Mendo Mix, by Royal Gold
  • Roots Original, by Aurora Innovations.

Prices valid through July 31, 2022. Sorry, no rain checks.

June Specials

Take 20% off soil amendments, Happy Frog, Coolaroo shade cloth, and more during the month of June.