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Dynomyco by Groundwork Bio Ag

Dynomyco by Groundwork Bio Ag

When transplanting it’s a good idea to add Mycorrhizal fungi. Granular Mycorrhizal fungi allow plant roots to grow large which in turn support many plant functions. Dynomyco has 700 propagules per gram of Glomus intradices and 200 propagules per gram of Glomus mosseae.  Both directly aid in the growth of cannabis plants, as well as many other plants. Dynomyco chelates phosphorus, utilizes minerals, and increases root development. A small, 1.65 lb. bag of Dynomyco will treat up to 150 plants.

Soil Activator by Earth Alive Technologies

Soil Activator by Earth Alive Technologies

These Beneficial Bacteria are considered a bio fertilizer, are certified organic and non GMO. The three bacteria present in Soil Activator are Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Amyloiquefaciens and Pseudomonas monteill, have different functions, yet work together. Combined they uptake nutrients, including micronutrients like iron, increase essential oils, produce natural rooting hormones, and improve crop production. Soil Activator has been used on many crops around the world to significantly increase crop yields, and resilience to diseases.

AzaSol WSP by ArborJet

AzaSol WSP by ArborJet

A water soluble extract of Neem, Omri certified, AzaSol contains 6% Azadiractin, without the oil normally found in a Neem product. Azadiractin deters insect populations. It is an antifeedant, and diminishes the ability of insects to reproduce. Azadiractin is effective on a wide spectrum of insects, including, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, scale and a variety of larvae. It can be used as a spray or soil drench.

VermiFire soil

Vermisoil and Vermifire bags by Hawthorne GC

Vermisoil and Vermifire are 1.5 cf, amended and tested soil. They both contain compost, worm castings, peat, coir, mycorrhizal fungi, kelp, Feather, blood, bone meals, and bat guano. Vermisoil is lightly amended, Vermifire is heavily amended and the fertilizer charge will last several weeks.

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