June Specials

Soil Amendments – 20% Off

Blood Meal 13-0-0, high nitrogen
Alfalfa Meal low nitrogen, slow release feeds microbes
Alfalfa Pellets low nitrogen, slow release, feeds microbes and worms, adds air pockets to soil
Nitro Bat-5-2-1 fast-acting nitrogen
Steamed Bone Meal 3-15-0, slow release
Canadian Kelp 0-0-3, Potassium product that feeds microbes and adds trace minerals
Dolomite helps regulate/lower PH and adds calcium to your soil
Azomite a trace mineral additive

While supplies last!

Happy Frog Soil – 20% Off 2cf Bags

This 2 cubic foot bag of nutrient rich potting soil contains aged forest products, bat guano, worm
castings and soil microbes. It can be used for indoor or outdoor gardening.

Shade Cloth 20% Off Any Size

Coolaroo shade sails

We carry rolls of Cooleroo shade cloth in various lengths and shade percentages.

We have 70% to 90% in green and black. We have 30% in white rolls of 6 x 15 for patios.

We also have patio sails that are 10 x 10 with grommets and come in PARTY colors.

Ongoing Clearance Sales

Check out our list of products that we just have too many of and are now 30-50% off.

Florosol 10 oz misters, 30% off
72 cell insert 6 packs for fall planting starts, 30% off
Veggie starts are 30% off
4 gallon back pack sprayers 30% off
Atomizers, made by Hudson 30% off
15 gallon 12 volt sprayers 40% off
Smart Pots 50% off
And more!

Come in and see what we have.

We keep looking for new items in hardware and recreation. We are truly a mercantile now.

Dig it!

All sales limited to stock on hand.

May Events and Sales

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!