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Peruvian Gold Micro Builder

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Peruvian Gold products come from a llama farm in Northern California. Their products are formulated for all stages of plant growth and are made from well-composted and tested llama manure. Peruvian Gold promotes beneficial soil microbial growth, water retention, soil fertility, prevents plant stress and aids in overall plant health. More details about Peruvian Gold’s line of products can be found at www.winterfallsranch.com

20% off in-stock Biodiversity Products

Diatomic Humus by Biodiversity

  • Seacrop A sea water concentrate, a safe source of available magnesium and many micronutrients.
  • Decadence Created from grain solubles, this product is chockfull of chelating agents-things that make nutrients more available to your plants. Decadence contains humic acid, fulvic acid, and carbohydrates.
  • Fancy Fish A fish hydrolysate, created with a no heat process this product is a creamy fish product that provides natural nitrogen, feeds microbes, helps roots develop and is a favorite for compost tea makers.
  • Krab Shake A no-heat crab hydrolysate that is full of chitosan, a natural compound that acts as a bio pesticide. It also feeds beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Biodiversity is another locally-owned and created line of products. More info at www.gobiodiversity.com

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