March Into Spring Sales

Plan Ahead for Spring Planting and Save!

FoxFarm Ocean Forest pallet

Ocean Forest Pallet Sale

This Foxfarm product is a complete and ready-to-go amended product. Additional fertilization is not needed the first few weeks. Ocean Forest contains aged forest compost, sandy loam, peat moss, perlite, earth worm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal. 3.2 Cubic Yards/62 bags in a pallet. Now just $610 per pallet!

Vermisoil by Vermicrop Organics

VermiSoil Pallet Sale

VermiSoil 1.5 Cubic foot bags are ready to go, light and fluffy and easy to use. VermiSoil contains quality test thermophilic compost, vermi worm castings, peat, coir fiber, oyster shell, greensand, feather meal, blood meal, bone meal, bat guano and several strains of mycorrhizae. CDFA, organic input materials used. A Vermicrop Organics product. 3 Cubic Yards/55 bags in a pallet. Also just $610 per pallet!

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 Pallet Sale

This SunGro formula, written up in High Times, was created for hydroponic use, and is being successfully used for outdoor production. It has excellent water retention, drainage and aeration characteristics. It is a light and fluffy mix, with light amendments, mycorrizhal fungi, and has a patented silicon resilience water retention chemistry that is OMRI Certified and can be used for organic production. 3 cubic bales-expand to 6 cubic feet, 35 bales per pallet, so potentially 7.7 cubic yards of mix. $1050 per pallet for a limited time only!

Salamander Soil by Foxfarm

And New to Sweetland this year…

Salamander Soil

This Foxfarm product is lighter than Happy Frog or Ocean Forest and excellent for potted and outdoor plants. It contains coir fiber, perlite, worm castings, bat guano, dolomite lime and beneficial bacteria and fungi. 15% OFF bag price only.

SunGro Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil

Black Gold Bagged Products

Certified organic, Sun Gro bags up Black Gold products in many forms:

  • Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil
  • Black Gold Seedling Mix
  • Just Coir
  • Black Gold Compost

15% OFF bag price only.

LE Cooke Comice Pear

L.E. Cooke Bareroots!

Buy 4 get one free! Bareroot fruit trees from L.E. Cooke: Comice, Fan Cris and Shinseiki Pears, Mission Figs, Persian Mulberries, Granny Smith, Fuji and Mutsu Apples, Thompson grapes and more!

These special prices are good only until March 31, 2017, so hurry in!

June Specials

Take 20% off soil amendments, Happy Frog, Coolaroo shade cloth, and more during the month of June.