March Classes & Specials

March News at Sweetland Garden Mercantile

March is coming in strong! With the amount of water we received this past winter, expect lots of beautiful growth, blooms and fruit on your perennials.

If you haven’t already done so, it is time to clean out last year’s stalks and mulch in dead leaves.It also time to plant fruit trees, roses, summer bulbs, grass seed, cold weather vegies, such as spinach, chard and lettuce. You might need to use heat mats for some starts. March is also a time of deceptive blooms. It is always a good idea to have frost blankets handy in case of early fruit tree blooms.

We have a long list of products ready for you to get started, from seeds to soils and shovels to hoes.

In addition to a full selection of gardening products, please remember we have a lot of hardware items such as PVC, tools, and plumbing repair.

Upcoming Gardening Classes

Check out our gardening classes. You can sign up for classes right here on our website and pay via Venmo. Or call us to hold your spot. A $10 deposit is required on all classes.

Grafting with Adam Nuber of the Felix Gillet Institute

March 23, from 10 am til noon.

This class will teach you the basics of beginning grafting. Adam Nuber, long term nursery and orchard manager for Felix Gillet Institute has a love and wealth of knowledge of fruit trees. He will demonstrate and instruct you in grafting methods, selection and storage of Scions, rootstock selection, care of newly grafted trees and tools, needed and available to graft. You will have the opportunity in this class to practice your new skills and actually graft historic apple scions onto rootstock. This class costs $40, and includes a rootstock. To participate in this class you will need cut resistant gloves, a grafting knife (break away utility knives work great), root hormone, a sealant, grafting tape. Sweetland has also these things to purchase. You will also need to sign a liability waiver before you participate.

Class cost $40. A minimum of 6 people are needed to hold class.

Chainsaw Primer with Amber Cone.

March 30 April 13 at 10 am (new date)

In partnership with Mud and Pearls, join Amber Cone for a Chain saw Primer Class on April 13. Want to learn how to safely use and maintain a chainsaw? No experience required. Amber is experienced with Landscape management, has lead teams on fuel reduction projects, and has taught many classes that have empowered people to use tools in a safe way. Class begins at 11 and will last for appx 3.5 hours. Bring your tool if you have one or feel free to try one of ours. Dress appropriately and don’t arrive on an empty stomach!

$60-$95 sliding scale. $50 deposit is required. A minimum of 5 people are needed to hold class. Waivers must be signed to attend.

Soil Analysis and Targeted Fertility Management with Daniel Fink

April 27 at 11 am

Sweetland Garden Mercantile looks forward to a series of three classes with Daniel Fink, from Down Om Farms. Daniel is an Organic Cultivation Specialist at Vital Garden Supply in Nevada City. He is a local farm advisor, part of Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and a speaker at Growing Green on the Yuba with the South Yuba River Citizens’s League. He specializes in organics advising, using biology in gardening as routine practice, and regenerative farming. Daniel is experienced in soil analysis, fertigation, and composting.

Classes will focus on targeted fertility management plans, based on soil and tissue samples as plants go through growing phases. Daniel will walk you through all phases of your plant’s needs from beginning to the end. You can expect Daniel to pepper the discussion with farm practices that promote healthy and marketable product. You can sign up for one class or for all. This class is focused on cannabis growers, but all farmers would benefit.

Here are how the classes will work

  • Three weeks before the first class, April 27th, participants will need to turn in a soil sample to be tested for nutrient values. Please call Sweetland for direct instructions on how to obtain samples needed for these classes. Participants can also turn in a sample for biological analysis. Daniel will discuss this cost individually. At the first class, Daniel will show you how to read a soil analysis and help you develop a (preseason) amendment plan. Soil Sample bags are available at Sweetland.
  • Three weeks before the second class, June 1, participants will turn in a tissue sample for analysis. The class will focus on targeted fertility management at this stage.
  • The Third class will be held August 10th and participants will do the same as class 2.

Classes begin at 11 AM and last approximately 2-2.5 hours.

The class costs $99 for soil analysis, per test, and $40 to attend. Biological tests are separate and prices are to be determined. A minimum of six participants are needed to hold class and deposits are required. You can sign up at Sweetland, by calling (530) 292-9000, or here on our website at

Sign up for all classes at

March Sales at Sweetland

EB Stone and Green All Soils and Amendments

We love EB Stone. They have a story. EB Stone, the man, was a great grower in 1916. His neighbors envied him. He had mixed some special fertilizers that made his farm and orchard surpass his neighbors. EB packaged what he used and began to sell his formula. His company has stayed in California and expanded their line to include other fertilizers, soils and amendments with the same quality and success rate. Their products are simple, often certified organic or CDFA, easy to use, have clear directions and are affordable. All of their products this month are 20% off items in stock.

We have many to chose from. Here are a few:

EB Stone Sure Start, this starter fertilizer is meant to use at planting time, but can be added to established plants as well. It has beneficial microbes that jumpstart the microbial health of your soil. It is derived of Meals of Blood, Feather, Bone, Alfalfa, and Kelp. Also added are Bat Guano, Chicken Manure, Potassium Sulfate and humic acid. Its NPK is 4-6-2. This NPK gives you enough Nitrogen to start, without burning, Phosphorus to help your plants pick up needed nutrients, and Potassium for strength. CDFA and can be used for organic gardening.

EB Stone Tomato and Vegetable Food. Yum, Food for food! This mixture is somewhat similar to the Surestart, is meant to use all year round, and can be used on many products.It is very popular for tomato growers, but I have seen it used on other plants and fruit trees. It is also registered an organic input, through CDFA and can be used for certified organic gardening.

Green All Organic Potting Soil, 2 CF, We call this the purple bag! It is a 2 cubic foot bag, enriched with compost and a light fertilizer charge. It can be used for starts and for garden bed.

Soil Booster, dark, rich compost, with some added guano, feather, and kelp, this product is meant to add to your bed to improve its health. I have been known to use it direct to plant my tomatos in…

Chicken Manure, good old, well composted poop, meant to increase your nitrogen and add organic matter.

Earth Juice

Earth Juice, Hydro-Organics, was born in Chico in 1991.They grew and changed with the hydroponic and gardening industry. Their products are well studied and make sure to meet the needs of plants. You can find minerals, as well as amendments, pH adjusters, Guanos, and sweeteners.

Sweetland carries many of their products. Here are a few…

Earth Juice Grow, this simple liquid nutrient is great for gentle growing and houseplants. It is derived from blood meal, bone meal, kelp and Molasses.

Xatalyst, derived from Oat bran,sea kelp, wheat malt, molasses and yeast, is good for all phases and acts as a catalysts for microbes to get your plants what they need.

Oily Cann, a zero nitrogen formula of Calcium, Magnesium and Humic Acid, to help plants develop fruit and be strong.

Smart Pots

We are overstocked on Smart Pots so some are being discounted at a huge savings to you. Sales of course limited to stock on hand.

  • 1 gal, 68 in stock, $4 normally, on sale for $2
  • 1 gal transplanters, 90 in stock, $3 normally, on sale for $1.5
  • 30 gal black, 112 in stock, $15 normally, on sale for $7.5
  • 45 gal black, 45 in stock, $20 normally, on sale for $10
  • 45 gal Tan, 50 in stock, $20 normally, on sale for $10
  • 65 gal Black, 38 in stock, $22 normally, on sale for $11
  • 65 gal Tan, 38 in stock, $22 normally, on sale for $11
  • 600 Gal, Black (yup you read that right!), 10 in stock, $106, normally, on sale for $53

Quantities of course, subject to change. Sale, of course limited to actual on hand stock.