March Specials

March 2022 Sales Flyer

Scope Out These Mad Savings for March!

25% Off Farmer’s Almanacs

2022 boasts the two hundred thirtieth edition of the Farmer’s Almanac. Founded in 1792, by Robert Thomas, the Farmer’s Almanac is a wealth of farming, planting, weather and astrological information.

20% Off Mr. B’s Greentrees Fertilizer

Created in Chico California. This company has sought to create a product that supplements old and new soils with all the nutrients you need to grow. Bat guano, kelp, calcium, micronutrients are formulated for both grow and bloom season.

20% Off Sparetime Insect Frass 10#

Frass What the heck? Insect Poop? Why would I want to use that in my garden? Yup, Frass is the excrement (and often body parts) of insects. It is rich in nutrients, and in microbes. It can be applied to soil and to compost teas. It has been shown to help Compost Teas grow beneficial fungi.

20% Off Down to Earth Small Fertilizers

Down to Earth has worked hard to source and provide organic fertilizers that enrich all gardens. They have isolated resources and combined with organic matter to enhance soil fertility and plant growth. With Down to Earth you feed the soil, the soil feeds your plants.

Specials valid through March 31, 2022 – No Rain-checks

Regional Product Spotlight: Foxfarm

Bagged garden soil

Why buy Foxfarm?

Foxfarm Soil and Fertilizer Company is a regionally owned company, founded in the 1980’s by FOXFARM WILLY. He met a needed niche in a welcoming Humboldt community. Since then, Foxfarm’s products have undergone many greenhouse, outdoor and laboratory trials to assure that customers receive tested and quality products. Foxfarm “Combines the best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature.” 

Sweetland Carries many Foxfarm products.  This month, in stock Foxfarm products are on sale for 20% off. For example:

Foxfarm has a range of liquid nutrients. Cal-Mag, a certified organic liquid calcium product contains a soluble magnesium and amino acids which help chelate the Calcium and can be used from start to finish for nearly any plant. Boomerang, is a health tonic, with needed macro and micro nutrients to encourage plant health and mycorizzhal fungi. Kelp me-Kelp You, is a cold pressed seaweed with added nutrients and soy protein. Kangaroots contains microbes which promote health and rigorous growth.  

Ocean Forest potting soil, packs rich forest compost, products from the sea, worm castings, nutrients, and perlite. Happy Frog is rich in humic acid and mycorrizal fungi. Lucky Dog and Koko Bop are light products intended to promote quick root development. 

All products are suitable for vegetable gardening, starts, landscape and cannabis.