October Sales and News

Store Hours

Store hours thru October 16 are 9-6 M-F, 9-4 Saturdays. Closed Sunday.

Fall/winter hours begin on October 17! 9-5 M-F, 9-4 Saturdays. Closed Sunday.

Harvest Supplies Sales and Features

Saboten trimming scissors


All Saboten are made in Japan.They are a lightweight, ergonomic, thin bladed trimming scissor. These well-made tools have fluorine coating on them which resist resins, but can be sharpened. The favorite seems to be the angled green. Saboten also makes a professional Tungsten trimming sharpener.

Chikamasa trim scissors


These favored scissors are very comfortable to use. Fine and sharp, made in Japan, these scissors are for precise trimming. They come in straight blade, angled and curved. Some are stainless and some are fluorine coated.

Hydrofarm Precision Pruners


Precision Pruners are built for the comfort and budget. These lightweight, fine tipped scissors come in stainless and titanium and are curved and straight for your preference.

Fiskars Micro Tip pruning snip


Yes they are still around! Fiskars still maintain a lifetime warranty and come straight with a coating that resists resins.

Greenscissor SPX420


SPX420 curved carbon stainless scissors comfort and meant for the those on a budget.

Other harvest supplies at 20% off:

  • Green Scissor Oven and Turkey bags, all sizes
  • Shield and Seal, sealers, rolls, and bags
  • Scales
  • Hand soap for resins
  • Trimbins

Trimbags are on sale for $290. Trimbags are the quick solution to trimming, without using a crew! They gentle remove leaf matter.

Trimpro Original table, two left only at $1100 each. Trimpro workstation, only one left, $1000

There are still major sales on many items in store. Liquids and pest control are 25% off. Any soil or outside amendment is 20% off. There are deeper discounts on some other clearance items.

Sales only for in stock item and subject to availability.

May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!