October Specials

Scissors and Pruners 20% Off (except Chikamasa)

Have you ever seen the selection of scissors and pruners at Sweetland Garden Mercantile? For such a tiny store, we are frequently complimented on our selection.

This sale includes Fiskars, Hydrofarm, Saboten, Piranha, Corona, ARS, Greenscissor and Red Rooster scissors and pruners.

Trellis 20% Off

We still have long ones and short ones. Ready for you to put up to protect your flowers.

Pest Control 20% Off Most Items

Ugh, that time of year… all looks good and then, dang!, there are some aphids on that plant! Or maybe a little bit of powdery mildew popped up.

Take Down Garden Spray

We carry a large variety of organic based pest control products. Some are oil based, some not, some work on the digestive system of pets. Some only repel. Some annihilate.

All pest control and pesticides are 20% off.

Monterey Take Down and Garden Insect Spray are 30% off.

Bloom-time Products on Sale

  • 20% off Sparetime 5 gal molasses, unsulfured black strap adds brix to your mix. Sweetening soil, feeding microbes, and adding terpenes, molasses is a tried and true bloom time addition.
  • 20% off Bat guano, now called Rock phosphate, 0-9-0, for that last minute push of phosphorous.
  • 30% off Organics Alive products. These fermented and natural products are formulated to go through a drip system and provide a nudge to microbes.
  • 20% off Cutting Edge Solutions Louder Powder Part B Bloom, 5 gallon buckets

Clearance on In-Stock Trim Machines

Trim Buddy

We have a Triminator Mini, two Trimpro machines (both used to de-leaf), and a Trim Buddy left. Make your life easier with these trim machines!

All sales limited to stock on hand

October 2023 flyer

May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!