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Sweetland Garden Supply offers everything you need to grow a healthy, productive, organic garden.

  • Soil, Amendments & Nutrients
  • Nursery Plants & Seeds
  • Irrigation, Garden Tools, Supplies & more!
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bagged and bulk soil

Bagged and Bulk Soils

Quality bagged soils by: Amazon · FoxFarm · Vital Earth · Vermicrop · Royal Gold · Roots Organics · EB Stone · Greenall · Doctor Earth

Bulk Vermicrop and VermiFire soil is available in 20 yard minimums. Call (530) 292-9000 for current pricing.

Soil Amendments

Offering organic soil amendments by the bag: Soft rock phosphate · oyster shell lime · bird and bat guanos · feather meal · glacial rock dust · perlite · vermiculite · peat moss · coco fiber · compost

soil amendments
plant nutrients and fertilizers

Plant Nutrients

Grow big, healthy and productive plants with dry and liquid fertilizers by: Botanicare · Advanced Nutrients · Technaflora · General Hydroponics · Age Old Organics · Earth Juice · Foxfarm · Down To Earth · fresh-brewed compost tea

Nursery Plants

Take a stroll in our nursery & greenhouse where we offer an interesting variety of indoor and outdoor varieties: Landscape plants from Eisley’s · native plants from High Ranch Nursery · seasonal vegetable starts by Grizzly Hill Farm · herbs · bare-root fruit trees from the Felix Gillet Institute and LE Cooke

ornamental and edible plants
seed packets by ND Petitt


Sweetland Garden Supply features organic, GMO-free seeds sourced from Sierra Seed Co-Op and Botanical Interests. Seeds are available for every type of garden and application including: Vegetables · Flowers · Cover Crops

Irrigation Supplies

Keep your plants well-hydrated with our selection of irrigation supplies: Hoses · watering wands · sprinklers · poly tubing · soaker tubing · drip emitters · fittings · timers

irrigation supplies
indoor lighting supplies

Indoor Lighting

For those who prefer to grow indoors, we offer a range of products including: T5/MH/HPS/LED lamps · BWGS, Hydrofarm & Sunlight Supply lighting · reflectors · ballasts · fans · dehumidifiers · drying racks · environmental controls · ducting

Gardening Tools

Get the right tool for the job: Rakes · shovels · spades · hoes · dibblers · trowels · sprayers · floral pruners · pruning snips · Chikamasa shears

gardening tools
planting supplies

Growing & Propagation Supplies

Plastic pots · Smart Pots · Sequoia Tree Pots · Coolaroo shade cloth · cloning supplies · rooting hormone · tie tape · trellis materials · seed trays · trim bins · books · and much more!

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