September Specials

Sweetland continues to have deep discounts. We recognize the economy is impacting everyone and hope that our discounts help you get what you need.

There are so many items on sale right now, partially to lower our inventory and also, to help folks be able to afford products. Our soils from last month remain on sale, they are on sale until gone. Then we have promotional sales with deeper discounts like the following:

30% Off in September:

Organics Alive, a premium organic soluble fertilizer made with care in California through a microbial fermentation process. Products boast numbers appropriate for grow, transition, and bloom and products that help your plants uptake nutrients that already are in your soil. 30% off

Organics Alive VPK Dry Soluble

Earth Juice liquids, including the old organic gentle line of Grow, Bloom, Xatalyst, Microblast and Biorighteous and the new line of Elements Grow, Bloom, Cal-mag and Oily Can. Rainbow Pro Grow 40#

Earth Juice fertilizers

Big Time Exterminator, Foliar Spray for many types of insects and fungi.

Big Time Exterminator

25% off

All Botanicare liquids, like Karma, Pure Blend Pro Grow and Bloom, Sweet, and Cal Mag Plus.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro

0-8-0 Earth Juice Soluble Seabird powder, 50# only.

Earth Juice SeaBlast 50 lb bag

AzaPro, Azadiractin foliar spray for many types of insects.

AzaPRO Miticide

Annihilation, a local mixture of delicious smelling oils that can be used to reduce populations of many insects and be sprayed without harming plants, several times a day if needed.

Annihilation 625ml bottle

Glacial Rock and Greensand

All Liquid GROW products, those with a high percentage of nitrogen, meant for the grow phase.

Discounts apply to in-stock products only.

Fall Clearance Sale

From September 19-23th we will host a week-long Fall Clearance sale. There will be even deeper discounts. At that time, everything in the store will be discounted from 20-60%, for that week only! Learn more…

Take my money!

Some sales might include EB stone’s Ultra bloom at 30% off, Alfalfa Meal at 40% off, Vermifire soil at $9 per bag, Happy Frog at $10 per bag, and whole lot more. So check us out.

June Specials

Take 20% off soil amendments, Happy Frog, Coolaroo shade cloth, and more during the month of June.