Shocktober Sale and Clearance!

Shocking deals are happening this October!

30% off Amigo Bob brand products!
30% off Amigo Bob brand products!

Take 30% OFF Select Clearance Items

  • Amigo Bob products – a fine product that is biologically active.
  • Cottonseed meal in 40# bags.
  • Big Worm and VermiWorm.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate – last chance for high calcium and high phosphorus.

plant nutrients and fertilizers
20% off 2.5 & 5 gal liquid nutes!

Get 20% OFF on These In-Stock Products…

  • High phos (only seabird in stock).
  • Granular Calphos to add to fruit trees and winter gardens.
  • All 2.5 or 5 gallon size liquid nutrient containers, such as Botanicare, General Organics, Roots, and Beneficial Biologics.

15% OFF Fiskars Brand Scissors & Pruners!

Fiskars, a-tried-and-true scissor brand, coated with titanium or stainless steel micro tips.

Fiskars micro-tip pruning snips.
haunted house
Haunted House on October 31st!

And a Halloween Haunted House!

This Halloween, we will have a Haunted House set up for school-age children during the day. Pre-schoolers are of course welcome too. Stop on by for thrills and chills!

These specials are good only for in-stock items until October 31, 2017.

July Sales and News

20% off EGO Power+ tools, Oven Bags, Earth Science wildflower seeds AND even more discounts on July 5 & 6 during our Independence Celebration Sale! Fresh compost tea is also now available!