April Specials

Spring Is In the Air!

Enjoy the following specials during the month of April and get your garden blooming!

15% OFF All In-Stock Vermicrop Organics Products

VermiCrop fertilizers
VermiAll (6-6-6) This dry amendment, formulated for all stages of growth, recharges old soil with good stuff. Ingredients include Crustacean, Kelp, blood, Fishbone, Feather and Alfalfa meals, with added minerals and phosphorus. CDFA registered for organic growing.

VermiVeg (7-4-4) is formulated for adding to plants during Grow time. Designed to help plants uptake nutrients and includes bat guano, blood meal, feather meal, kelp meal basalt, magnesium sulfate, Rock Phosphate and Potassium sulfate. CDFA registered for organic growing.

VermiBloom (3-10-5) is formulated fo all types of plants during Fruit and Flower stage. It triggers prolific blooming and ripening. The blend of fishbone meal, seabird and bat guano, alfalfa meal, and minerals is also registered CDFA for organic growing.

PK Boost
(1-13-6) this excellent addition during the end of flower or fruit time increases flavor and size with a blend of Seabird Guano, Fishbone meal, Kelp meal and potassium sulfate. Registered CDFA for organic growing.

Also Try Vermicrop’s Easy Makin’s for Compost Tea…

Vermicrop compost tea ingredients
VermiFeast Food source for microbes, leonardite, alfalfa meal, oat flour and Rock phosphate.

VermiBrix unsulfured dried molasses, and minerals.

VermiLife Compost tea foundation-this is the base for making any good compost tea.

Also on Sale: 15% OFF individual bags of VermiFire, VermiSoil, VermiBlend & VermiWorm!

Vermicrop soil

All General Hydroponics and General Organics Products: 15% OFF!

General Hydroponics nutrients 1 gallon
Featured Products:

BioThrive (4-3-3) Liquid nutrient that contains goodies like alfalfa meal, beet vinasse, magnesium sulfate, seaweed and more. Gentle and effective grow formula.

BioMarine (2-3-1) is made from cold processed squid (really!) – the Humboldt Squid that has become invasive along the Pacific Coast of North America. It makes an excellent fertilizer.

Floralicious Plus (2-.8-.02) This powerful nutrient is good from veg to flower and contains protein hydrolazate, potassium sulfate, amino acids and leonardite. It supports your plants by helping them to chelate whatever fertilizer program you are on. Use 1 tsp per 5 gallons of water.

Armor SI (0-0-4) is rich in potassium. This silica product is used to increase the health of your plants. It protects plants during freezing and during high heat. Silica strengthens cell walls. In unsettled weather and for plant resiliency, silica can be applied throughout all stages.

Clonex Mist 20% OFF

Clonex MistThis lovely calcium nitrate spray can be used to mist mothers before harvesting clones to increase the health of clones and to babies to strengthen them.

April Soil Deals

All Black Gold products continue to be 15% OFF. See March’s Specials for more details.

Special prices good only until April 30, 2017.

May Events and Sales 2024

20% off many varieties of bagged soils, 20% off Dr. Earth Mother Land, Fruit Tree clearance sale, and come get yer veggie starts for the summer planting season!