January sales flyer

January Specials

Dave Wilson & Felix Gillet bare-root fruit trees are in stock for a limited time. Plus, take 20% off cloning supplies and grow lights in January.

January 2021 specials

January Specials

Bare-root fruit trees are in stock for a limited time only. Plus, take 20% off cloning supplies and grow lights in January.

Jump Start seedling heat mats

February 2019 Specials

Save 20% on Select Products during February! 20% OFF Sale prices valid for in-stock items only. And did you know… We have a wide-assortment of fasteners in stock: nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, cotter pins, snaps, anchors, staples, nails, screws, picture hangers and a whole lot more. Now there’s no need to run to town just for that special fastener you need! Upcoming Gardening Classes for 2019 This year, we have some new and really exciting gardening classes in store for you! Thanks so much to Mud and Pearls for organizing these!

June Sales and Clearance Specials

Check out our June Sales and Clearance Specials

Take 20% OFF the following products…

Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer

  • Hudson 4-gallon Backpack Sprayer
  • Hudson Fog Electric Atomizer
  • Privacy Screen 6 x 150
  • All Shade Cloth
  • Micro Bark
  • Doctor Zymes
  • General Organics
  • ClonexRoot Maximizer
  • All Smart Pot containers (unless on clearance)
  • RAW products

April Specials

Spring Is In the Air! Enjoy the following specials during the month of April and get your garden blooming! 15% OFF All In-Stock Vermicrop Organics Products VermiAll (6-6-6) This dry amendment, formulated for all stages of growth, recharges old soil with good stuff. Ingredients include Crustacean, Kelp, blood, Fishbone, Feather and Alfalfa meals, with added minerals and phosphorus. CDFA registered for organic growing. VermiVeg (7-4-4) is formulated for adding to plants during Grow time. Designed to help plants uptake nutrients and includes bat guano, blood meal, feather meal, kelp meal basalt, magnesium sulfate, Rock Phosphate and Potassium sulfate. CDFA registered for organic growing. VermiBloom (3-10-5) is formulated fo all types of plants during Fruit and Flower stage. It triggers prolific blooming and ripening. The blend of fishbone meal, seabird and bat guano, alfalfa meal, and minerals is also registered CDFA for organic growing. PK Boost (1-13-6) this excellent addition during …

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