Rescue! yellowjacket trap

August Specials

This August, take 30% off on Recipe 420 ‘Ultra Bloom’, and get 20% off on Down to Earth Fish Bone Powder and Rescue! Yellowjacket traps.

Down to Earth All Natural Fertilizers

March Specials

This March, take 20% off all Down to Earth Fertilizers including Crab Meal, Shrimp Meal, Fruit Tree, Bio-Live, Bio-Fish, Langbeinite, Agmino, Fish Powder.

June Bloom Specials

Enjoy These Savings During the Month of June… Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal (0-12-0) provides a readily-available source of phosphorus and calcium designed to promote increased flower, fruit, seed and vegetable production. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Down To Earth Liquid Calcium Containing 5% Calcium Chloride, this product enhances cell wall formation, promotes normal cell division in new growth and proper fruit development. Prevents blossom end rot in tomatos and peppers. OMRI Certified. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Down To Earth AGmino Down To Earth AGmino (14-0-0) is a water-soluable powder made with soy protein hydrolosate, packing 14% nitrogen to encourage more shoots, flowers, fruits and vegetables. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Mighty Wash Mighty, by NPK Industries, uses the power of pyrethrins to kill all life stages of spider mites — including eggs — on contact. May be used indoors, outdoors or …

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