August 2019 Sales Flyer

August Specials

This August, take 20% off decorative pots by Robert Allen and Artstone, select Vermicrop Organics bagged soil, and all NPK Industries products.

June 2019 Sales

June Specials

During June, Sweetland Garden Mercantile is offering 20-30% off on select, in-stock products including: nutrients, worm castings, miticide, and Smart Pots!

June Bloom Specials

Enjoy These Savings During the Month of June… Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal Down To Earth Liquid Bone Meal (0-12-0) provides a readily-available source of phosphorus and calcium designed to promote increased flower, fruit, seed and vegetable production. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Down To Earth Liquid Calcium Containing 5% Calcium Chloride, this product enhances cell wall formation, promotes normal cell division in new growth and proper fruit development. Prevents blossom end rot in tomatos and peppers. OMRI Certified. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Down To Earth AGmino Down To Earth AGmino (14-0-0) is a water-soluable powder made with soy protein hydrolosate, packing 14% nitrogen to encourage more shoots, flowers, fruits and vegetables. 20% OFF, in-stock items only. Mighty Wash Mighty, by NPK Industries, uses the power of pyrethrins to kill all life stages of spider mites — including eggs — on contact. May be used indoors, outdoors or …

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