June Sales and Clearance Specials

Check out our June Sales and Clearance Specials

Take 20% OFF the following products…

Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer

  • Hudson 4-gallon Backpack Sprayer
  • Hudson Fog Electric Atomizer
  • Privacy Screen 6 x 150
  • All Shade Cloth
  • Micro Bark
  • Doctor Zymes
  • General Organics
  • ClonexRoot Maximizer
  • All Smart Pot containers (unless on clearance)
  • RAW products

September Specials

Enjoy 20% off select IN STOCK items Vermicrop Dry Fertilizers All Vermicrop products are designed with ultimate finished product in mind. Vermi All (6-6-6) An all-purpose fertilizer that can be used year-round. Vermi Bloom (3-10-5) A high-phosphorous product ideal for bloom time. Vermi PK Boost (1-13-14) Specially formulated to bulk-up and densify flowers. Vermi Grow (7-4-4) A general-purpose nutrient used for plants in their vegetative phase. Vermi Bird (0-11-0) Seabird Guano nutrients optimal for the blooming phase of plantlife. Vermi Bat (7-3-1) High in nitrogen and ideal for feeding oversized, hungry plants. Tappin Roots Grow, Bloom, and Gentle Organic based liquid products that include willow extract, seaweed, guanos, potassium and more. These products promote soil health, and feed plants in a gentle way. OG BIOWAR Packs OG BIOWAR Nute, Foliar, Root packs and soil drench products are chock-full of beneficial microbes which help prevent pathogens and even broad mites. And …

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